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Centerliner and Linear

time:2019-03-04 read:

Centerliner and Linear are ideally adapted to guarantee the secure and ongoing irrigation of long, large-area agriculture, which is efficient, economical, durable and easy to operate. The design length of the Centerliner and Linear System are based on the width of the cultivated land. The system can be reciprocated along the length of the cultivated land. In Comparison with the Pivot, there is no obvious irrigation dead angle, with an almost 100% coverage. The irrigation width can reach up to 384m according to the number and type of trusses.


·The trustworthy guidance system ensures that the system can move steadily and reliably in a straight line in a predetermined direction.

·Accurate fixed-point stop system. If the water belt or the power supply need to be replaced, it will stop by itself. After the restoration, one button will resume the original operation state and will continue to sprinkle irrigation.

·Safe-end stop system.When the system runs to the end of the irrigation track, the device will trigger the "stop-stroke switch ", and the device will stop the pump by itself. 


Advanced configuration:

In addition to the general functions of the Centreliner, the system is able to perform waterless rotation at both ends of the arable land so that the coverage is doubled, which effectively reduces the investment cost of the equipment. The working principle is as follows:

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