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Solar Center Pivot Irrigation System

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The Solar Center Pivot Irrigation System solves the problem of irrigation for the majority of users due to the lack of electric energy. The Solar Center Pivot Irrigation System is composed of inverters and solar panels. The system is used to drive water supply pumps and irrigation equipment, so that irrigation equipment can operate during the effective daylight hours.

The solar cell array consists of multiple solar panels, absorbs the energy of sunshine, converts it into electric energy, and provides power supply for the Center Pivot Irrigation System. The inverter controls and regulates the solar power system, Convert the direct current into alternating current, Drive pump system and center pivot system, The output frequency is adjusted in real time according to the change of sunshine intensity to realize the tracking of maximum power point.

The PDS33 series photo voltaic water pumping controller with inverter function adopts the brand new hardware technology platform and the optimized global MPPT algorithm, which maximizes the equipment conversion efficiency. The output ac can be applied to various common pumps.Support dc and ac input.When there is no solar energy, the controller can be switched to single-phase or three-phase ac inputs such as generators or mains electricity. Adaptive maximum power point tracking technology, efficiency up to 99%.Built-in overvoltage, overload, overheating and dry transfer protection.

The Solar panels are the most critical components of photo voltaic power systems. Product quality through IEC61215, CE, TUC certification. Polysilicon, IP65, Safe and efficient, the service life is more than 25 years. Solar panels specifications and modelsDHP60-270the Max. power is 270W, the Max. power voltage is 31.21V, the Max. power current is 8.66A, and the volume is 1.64m * 0.992m * 0.04m.

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