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Report on irrigation of sugarcane by hose reel

Sugarcane is a tropical and subtropical cash crop.Guangxi is located in the monsoon climate region of south and central Asia, where both rain and heat are in the same season. It is the largest suitable sugarcane production area in China, with an annual planting area of 6.8 to 7.8 million mu, accounting for about 40% of the total sugar production in China.After years of development, sugar industry has become the pillar industry of guangxi economy.

But more than 90% of the raw material in guangxi sugarcane planting in no irrigation, and soil magnetism more shallow dry land, how much material sugarcane yield and sucrose of the high and low in addition to the influence of variety, fertilizer levels and cultivation technology, to a great extent, the restriction of the meteorological conditions, especially the spring drought in guangxi, such as QiuHan severe weather influence on material sugarcane yield and sugar.Serious drought in winter and spring would affect the timely sowing, seedling emergence and whole seedling of sugarcane in winter and spring, reduce the effective stem number and inhibit the growth of sugarcane in seedling stage.The autumn drought affects the growth of sugarcane. The occurrence of severe autumn drought will lead to the decline of sugarcane heart, yield and quality, low sucrose content, and also affect the planting and seedling growth of sugarcane in autumn.Irrigation and soil improvement are active measures to prevent drought. Therefore, measures should be taken according to local conditions to develop water-saving irrigation and establish the idea of long-term drought resistance.Its main measure should be: take the road of agricultural water-saving irrigation.The effective way to make water-saving irrigation bring the maximum benefit in drought fighting is to popularize high-tech water-saving irrigation.

Practice has proved that irrigation equipment, especially hose reel, because of its lightweight design structure, flexible movement, easy to use, strong applicability to soil and water, if used properly, can get twice the result with half the effort in drought resistance.

Because of its very rich model, it can be applied to the land from ten mu to several hundred mu.When it works, it usually needs the buried main pipes or trunk channels drawn from the machine well for water supply, and USES the high-pressure spray gun to produce a long range. At the same time, it USES the rotation of the reel to drag out the pipes and spray gun until the completion of irrigation of the land.The whole process is completely automated, and irrigation is controlled by controlling the speed at which the reel rotates, which is powered by water -- pumps -- without the need for other energy sources such as electricity or diesel.After completing the irrigation of one plot, it can be towed to another plot for irrigation, which is very flexible and flexible.The adaptability of roll-type sprinkler to different terrain is incomparable with other irrigation equipment. Even on uneven land, it can work normally and operate very simply. Generally 1-2 labor force can control 5-8 sets of such equipment.

Good hose reel, such as Aquajet manufactured by H-T BAUER irrigation equipment engineering co., ltd. have a life span of more than 10 years, and the economic benefits are very obvious.Nanning, beihai, liuzhou and other regions in guangxi have received remarkable social, economic and environmental benefits by popularizing the use of the equipment and actively developing water-saving agriculture.

Anyway, drought resistance and disaster mitigation is a systematic project, the relevant departments should be based on improving, full cooperation, achieve all-round unified management of water resources, especially should focus on research and extend the use of high and new technology in the drought relief, so as to realize the optimal allocation of water resources at maximum range and scientific management, and reduce losses to the minimum, benefit obtain the biggest economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit.

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