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Aquajet series hose reel irrigator

Aquajet series are turbine-driven machines designed for fully mechanized and labor-saving irrigation. The main component parts such as turbine, automatic layering mechanism and crop-protecting sprinkler balancing mechanism enjoy the international patents and have been improved constantly. Aquajet provides the following additional features:

l   Wide range of model selection from 65 series to 85 series.

l   The most precise irrigation, the remarkable energy saving and 100% well-distributed water jet.

l   15 years of service life for the basic unit and ten years’ service life for PE pipe.

l   Simple assembling, easy handling and safe operation.

l   Efficient water saving, the water-saving rate can be over 75%.

Sprinkler model

Aquajet with sprinkler can irrigate far distance with perfect irrigation 

evenness. A variety of high and low crops can be irrigated easily 

by the sprinkler model. The strip width is up to 90 meters.

Boom model

Aquajet with boom applies a gentle spray on delicate crops

 without damaging the soil and the crops. The strip width is 

up to 34 meters.

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