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Centerliner and Linear

The optimal solution for  large areas irrigation and large-scale planting

Centerliner and Linear are ideally adapted to guarantee the secure and ongoing irrigation of large rectangular areas. Economic, efficient,robust,durable,accurate, user-friendly control and suited to different sized areas. The design length of the centerliner and Linear system is based on the width of the cultivated land, The system can be reciprocated along the length of the cultivated land.Compare with the pivot, no obvious irrigation blind area, almost 100% coverage.The irrigation width up to 384m according to the number and type of trusses.


Travelling main cart

The supporting steel legs adopts four angle 100mmx80mm, connect with the truss

 to increase the strength and stability of the structure. Hot dip galvanizing process. 

According to the different ways of water feeding we can choose two wheels and

 four wheels two kinds of center tower.

Gear motors

High-torque motor with thermal overload protection.Type: 40:150:1,

Power: 0.56kw1.1kw.


The wide range of nozzles makes precise control of water and fertilizer

amounts possible, can adapt to different crop types,

 climatic conditions and growth phase.

Furrow guidance system

 Furrow guidanc system ensures that the system can walk in a straight

 line in a predetermined direction steadily and reliably.

 Precise fixed point stop system. When need of replacing the hose

or power supply, the system can stop by itself, and after the

replacement is completed, one-click restore the original running state

and continue to spray irrigation.

 Safe end stop system. When the system runs to the end of the

irrigation track, the device will trigger the "stop stroke switch ",

and the device can stop the pump by itself.


Advanced function

The centerliner in addition to the general function of linear,at the

field end the system can swing around the drive cart inward or 

outward(without irrigation) to the opposite side of the field and

continue irrigation. Irrigation area was doubled, effectively reduce

 the investment cost of equipment.

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