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   Aquajet ||

Functional design
Adherence to BAUER’s experience of design and production of the last seventy years; latest technology with maximum value in price related performance; modular construction

Corrosion protection

Hot-dip galvanization of undercarriage, turntable, sled and shut-off frame provides lasting value by optimum protection of metal parts.

Stable pipe reel

The pipe drum is a particularly torsion resistant construction of profiles and edged segments. All cover segments are firmly welded at the drum frame.

Precison chain drive

Precision-manufactured toothed segments for the reel drive guarantee exact chain engagement. This ensures maintenance-free operation and long life of the driving chain even with very high retraction forces.

Layering mechanism for constant PE-pipe retraction 

This guarantees constant retraction speed and instant emergency shut-off in case of winding faults. This safety system also actuates the final shut-off of the reel drive at the end of the strip.

Sturdy machine supports

Strong support leg and rack jack firmly anchor the Aquajet during the operating process and not even high retraction forces will move the machine from its stable position.

New type and high efficient turbine TW 20

The axial-flow type TW20 turbine sets a new record of low energy consumption 

of hose reel irrigator with its extraordinarily low pressure demand.

The newly designed turbine is twice as efficient as that of last generation. The energy consumed for operation is greatly decreased.

The power and speed of retraction can be guaranteed when the water flow 

is insufficient.

 Precisely control the whole system to ensure evenness of the irrigation.

Digital LCD communicator

Aquajet II series hose reel irrigator is equipped with a new type speedometer:

7 inch LCD screen, easy-handle interactive interface, clear show of the 

equipment operation.

Precisely measure the retraction speed and inlet pressure.

Automatic cart lift

At the end of the strip, the cart is automatically lifted to its transportation 

position and the Aquajet is ready for transportation without any extra 

cart handling requirements.    

TWIN wide-range sprinkler

TWIN SR101 wide-range sprinklers are designed specifically for the modern, 

energy-saving irrigation and pioneer worldwide in terms of the water jet, 

drop distribution and precipitation.

Crop-protecting sprinkler balancing mechanism

Sprinkler balancing mechanism can adjust automatically and ensure proper irrigation 

angle on uneven ground, thus protecting the crops.

Hose reel irrigator with four-wheel cart

More stable and adaptable.

Adjustable height of sprinkler gun,  more suitable to high crops like sugar cane and corn etc.

Boom can be fixed(only for 85XT series).

Aquajet II Plus hose reel irrigator

Man-machine interactive system can detect,calculate, adjust and control the retraction speed and irrigation volume.

Sprinkler boom cart realizes the uniform speed retraction. The precision can reach ±1m/h, which improves the uniformity of irrigation.

Equipped with solar charging device, it can ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.

Optional message prompt module and automatic stop pump function.

Man-machine interactive system

LED can display retraction speed, input pressure, irrigation volume, remaining retraction length and time.

Calculation function: To input irrigation volume calculates the retraction speed, displays retraction time and recommends the retraction level of the sprinkler cart.

Real time detection of retraction speed, and adjusting speed deviation automatically by stepper motor.

Retraction at a uniform speed

Controlling the input water volume of turbine to adjust the speed and revise the speed by comparing to the detected actual speed. The error is only  ±1m/h.

Solar power charging

The equipped lithium battery can ensure 30 hours’ power supply. The solar panel equipped at both sides of the equipment can charge the lithium battery and ensure the operation of equipment continuously.

Upgrade function table:

SMS prompt module and automatic stop pump

Send SMS to prompt device status through GSM module. When the irrigation is completed or the equipment is out of order, the linkage pump will stop running automatically, and text message will be pushed at the same time.

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