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Aquajet ||

Concentrate on research and development for a decade. Lead the cutting-edge technology of turbine around the world.

Aquajet II series hose reel irrigator is contributed by SAHNDONG H.T-BAUER WATER AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY AND ENGINEERING CO., LTD. and co-developed by Chinese technicians and the supreme European design team. New hose reel irrigator has the following advantages:

◇ Newly designed turbine and gearbox are more efficient and more

energy-saving; coupled with optimized mechanical structure; the

total performance is increased by 20%.

◇ Equip with intelligent automatic control system, preciselmeasuring

the retraction speed.

The whole machine can be used for over 15 years; the service life

of PE pipe is more than 10 years.

◇ Aquajet II series hose reel irrigator is a complete series of 65,

 75,85and 90 models. The water flow ranges from 25 to 85 m³/h.

The diameter of the PE pipe is between 65 and 110 mm. The length

 of PE pipe is 200 to 450 meters and the coverage area per set is

about 15 to 30 hectares.

Sprinkler Model 
Applies a big volume sprinkler and provides well-distributed water jet. Up to 90 strip width.
Boom Model
Applies a gentle spray on delicate crops without damaging the soil. Up to 34m strip width.

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