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About us


We have builded solar center pivot irrigation system which can be used to drive water supply pumps and irrigation equipment, so as to solve the problem that irrigation cannot be carried out due to insufficient electric power.


we have builded precision fertigation system on the basis of the original center pivot fertigation system model, as so to achieve synchronous & precision fertigation and irrigation, improve crop quality and economic benefits.


In 2015, the new generation of hose reel irrigator is co-developed by European design team, featured by high-efficiency, energy-saving turbine, intelligent automatic control frame, advanced mechanical structure and increased performance by 20%.

In 2017, the upgraded Aquajet II and Aquago II series products come into being.


The second factory came into use, with an additional surface of field testing of 25000.


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of H.T-BAUER’s establishment in 2010 the total area of the factory is enlarged by 50000, and over 10000000 euro capitals have been invested in construction, equipment and technical research and development.



H.T-BAUER created the first “Full Function Timing Monitor and Automatic Portable Water Cleaner” , which can eliminate 100% poisonous elements and provide safety portable water. In the fruitful year, H.T-BAUER settled in new factory with 70% increase of turnover.



H.T-BAUER began to cooperate with Pöttinger Austria to sale tillage & grassland equipments in China.



Our products have been spread to 27 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions throughout China, and exported to dozens of countries, such as America, Australia, Holland, India, Ukraine, Mongolia, Poland, Cuba, Peru and so on.



H.T-BAUER got “ZSRK CERTIFICATE OF WATER SAVING PRODUCTS”. After two years of technical research and development, Aquago small-sized hose-reel irrigator was successfully developed, and passed the whole unit test of BAUER Austria.



The accumulation of experiences and cooperation with well-known institutes promoted H.T-BAUER to further investigating in new products. The Company was crowned as “National High-tech Enterprise” and given a number of national scientific research projects.



H.T-BAUER became the manufacturing base of  pivot irrigation systems in Asia for BAUER Austria. The processing capacity reached top-class in the world, and its products were delivered to every corner of the world. In the same year, H.T-BAUER developed center pivot irrigation system independently and sold in China.



H.T-BAUER created Aquago irrigator with proprietary intellectual property rights, which was recognized by experts at home and abroad. It gained popularity in China rapidly and was put into the international market with large exportation to the Europe and the USA, achieving a breakthrough among irrigation equipments manufacturers at home.



“Aquajet” irrigators were distributed throughout China, and won good reputation for great cost efficiency among the users.



H.T-BAUER produced the first “Aquajet TX Plus” hose-reel irrigator, whose performance and quality both were equal to BAUER’s original. Besides, H.T-BAUER manufactured Aquaspin pivot  irrigation system components for BAUER Austria. Mass production of Aquajet TX Plus series began under strict quality management system and supervision of overseas experts.


May 2000

H.T-BAUER Water-agriculture Machinery and Engineering Co,Ltd was officially established in Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone.


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